Sound Temple Meditation

Immerse yourself in the sacred resonance of the ‘Sound Temple Meditation,’ a profound sound healing journey.

Set within the embrace of a secluded sound dome, ingeniously nestled on a lush hillside jungle, with panoramic views of the ocean’s expanse.

As the meditation unfolds, you are greeted by the harmonious chorus of cicadas, their natural cadence beautifully complementing the deep, reverberating tones of the singing bowls.

The acoustic alchemy of this space is designed to amplify the therapeutic vibrations, creating an auditory tapestry that intensifies with each passing moment.

This recording is not merely for relaxation; it is a potent catalyst for deep healing and transformative meditative states.

Allow the crescendo of this sound healing session to resonate within, unlocking profound layers of inner peace and facilitating a journey of introspection and restoration.

About The Artist

Lifang Huang – Sound Healer

Lifang Huang is a sound healer who specialises in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.

She began working with the healing bowls after discovering them on a trip to Nepal and realising they used the same energies as those she had already been working with in Tibetan Pulsing.

She spends her time between the US, Europe, India and South East Asia, where she can often be found giving healing sessions at the many conscious gatherings.


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