Street Sounds – Bali

October 21, 2016

While spending time in Bali, preparing for another recording project I took the opportunity to visit a few temples. Here is a collection of clips from different musical performances recorded while casually watching the performances

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Street Sounds – Motoya Miyauchi

October 7, 2016

One day back in January, while visiting a coffee spot I frequented in Chiang Mai, a young Japanese guy named Motoya Miyauchi was sat playing a long thin stringed instrument in the courtyard. As he plucked away at the strings we got chatting and I asked if I could record him. The result was this […]

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Maia Morning Meditaton

September 30, 2016

Recently I visited Maia Earth Village on Palawan island, in the Philippines. What led me here was a synchronistic series of events where I had no idea I would end up living ‘off grid’ for a few days living on just coconuts and fruit. (It’s not as difficult as it sounds!) Even more unexpected was the […]

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