Mountain Meditation

Ascend to the serene heights with ‘Mountain Meditation,’ a soul-stirring collection of seven meditations recorded on the majestic slopes above the enchanting Island of Koh Phangan.

Each session is a journey into tranquility, enveloping you in the natural symphony of the jungle. As you settle into your practice, allow the rhythmic chants of the forest insects to lull your mind into a state of deep focus.

The meditative landscape is further enriched by the harmonic resonance of singing bowls, their vibrations echoing the ancient wisdom of the mountains.

This experience is not just an escape but a return to inner peace, as the ambient embrace of nature’s untouched beauty guides you to a place of meditative bliss.

With each breath, the mystical sounds of the bowls blend with the whispers of the jungle, inviting you to lose yourself in the profound depths of stillness and harmony.

About The Artist

Lifang Huang – Sound Healer

Lifang Huang is a sound healer who specialises in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.

She began working with the healing bowls after discovering them on a trip to Nepal and realising they used the same energies as those she had already been working with in Tibetan Pulsing.

She spends her time between the US, Europe, India and South East Asia, where she can often be found giving healing sessions at the many conscious gatherings.


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