Fireside Meditation

Fireside Meditation is a captivating album that combines the warm, crackling sounds of a cozy fireside with the soothing vibrations of singing bowls. Each track in the album is a meticulously crafted soundscape, designed to transport listeners to a place of comfort and tranquility, reminiscent of a peaceful evening by a crackling fire.

This meditation was recorded among coconut trees by a camp fire late at night. Just as the flames begin to die down, you can hear the soft crackle as the fire’s energy begins to tame. The bowls gently immerse you in a rich harmonic swirl as crickets serenade one another.

Ideal for deep meditation, relaxation, or simply for creating a comforting ambiance, Fireside Meditation is more than just an album; it’s a sensory journey that calms the mind and soothes the soul. It’s perfect for those seeking to unwind, find inner peace, or enjoy a moment of solitude by a metaphorical fireside.

About The Artist

Lifang Huang – Sound Healer

Lifang Huang is a sound healer who specialises in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.

She began working with the healing bowls after discovering them on a trip to Nepal and realising they used the same energies as those she had already been working with in Tibetan Pulsing.

She spends her time between the US, Europe, India and South East Asia, where she can often be found giving healing sessions at the many conscious gatherings.


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