Spirit of Pachamama

Espiritu de Pachamama: A Shamanic Healing Journey

Dive deep into the heart of the Earth with “Espiritu de Pachamama,” a transcendent collection of 14 tracks that capture the soulful essence of shamanic healing music. Each piece in this meticulously curated album showcases the unparalleled artistry of Ricardo Cherokee, a master shamanic healer from Peru, whose connection to the ancient spirit of Pachamama (Mother Earth) is vividly expressed through every note.

Recorded amidst the serene backdrop of lush landscapes, these tracks are not just music; they are invitations to embark on a spiritual journey, guided by the ancestral wisdom of the Quechua traditions and the healing power of nature itself. Ricardo’s instruments sing with the energy of the Earth, weaving a tapestry of sound that is as profound as it is soothing.

“Espiritu de Pachamama” is intentionally free-flowing, mirroring the untamed beauty of nature. There is no predetermined path through this auditory landscape, allowing you the freedom to explore the album in any order you feel drawn to. Each listening experience is unique, encouraging you to connect with the music in a deeply personal way, guided by intuition and the subtle energies of your surroundings.

This album is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a journey towards inner peace, a tool for healing, and a means to reconnect with the ancient, wise spirit of the Earth. Let “Espiritu de Pachamama” transport you to a place where the boundaries between the self and the natural world dissolve, leaving a profound sense of harmony and well-being.

Immerse yourself in the Spirit of Pachamama, and let the journey transform you.


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