Binaural Bowls

Natural Binaural Audio Crystal Bowl Meditations

Recorded using 2 Crystal Bowls of the same chakra frequency, these binaural soundscape recordings were recorded with special microphone technique to capture the true ambience of the listening environment.

The slight difference in tuning between the 2 crystal bowls creates a natural binaural effect when the listener is placed between them both.

This powerful effect was captured for each of the seven chakras.

You can use these binaural sound healing meditations for a deep and powerful mind body harmonising effect.

Use for a deeply focused meditation session with headphones or use without headphones, placing yourself between 2 speakers for a full mind-body sound immersion.

7 Minute Binaural Bowl Meditations – you get a total of 7 individual chakra recordings, plus a complete 49 minute immersion and a shorter 15 minute chakra balancing meditation.


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