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Mystical Moonrise In A Musical Oasis

When you download this music you will enjoy the mystical and atmospheric sounds of the handpan along with Arabic infused guitar and haunting ethereal vocals.

These 2 albums were recorded live over 2 moonlit nights in the desert oasis of Dubai with sound healer and artist Flordeliza Pesigan.

Accompanied by acclaimed musicians, Mo Shaqari and Babak Torabi, a group was formed under the mystical name Moonrise.

Flordeliza weaves her uniquely ethereal vocals between the melodic rhythms of Mo's handpan and the subtle eastern textures of Babak's accompanying guitar.

Exclusive Music From Moonrise

Spaced Cat

Recorded live in a private villa overlooking the Dubai Marina the album was named after the magical hypnotic effect the music had on the owners cat.

Electric Nite

This album features a more electrified performance from guitarist Babak Torabi. You also get an exclusive video performance of the entire recording which was simultaneously streamed live that night.

Plus Exclusive Bonus Sound Healing Concert

You also get an intimate recording of a sound healing concert which took place at the Soul Art Center in Dubai

This live 80 minute recording takes you on an epic journey with a fusion of eastern melodies, african rhythms, ethereal sound healing and didgeridoo.

This was an exclusive invite only event which you now get to experience. Perfect for taking you on a sonic journey of your own.

About The Musicians


Babak Torabi

Babak is a classically trained guitarist who regularly hosts meditation and kirtan event's in Dubai where he currently resides. His unique middle eastern influenced playing adds an dynamic uplifting element to these powerful performances


Mo Sharkawi

Mo Sharkawi hails from Egypt and his playing style is infused with arabic influences. His percussive technique creates an atmospheric tone previously unheard on a performance of this type.


Flordeliza Pesigan

Flordeliza is a Filipino sound healer and artist. Her passion for art and performance is captured in her unique vocal style which draws from a wide range of influences, including both Gaelic and Eastern styles.

How to Stay Connected with Your Spirit

Recently interviewed for Illustrado Magazine here are sound healer Flordeliza's tips for staying connected with your spirit.

Listen to your body. This takes practice and a lot of trust. Our body knows how and has what it needs to heal itself. Try to resist the urge to just stuff yourself with medicine the moment you feel that’s something is wrong. Your body may be trying to tell you something important about your state of being. Pay attention.

Listen to your heart. What makes you happy? Do it! It doesn’t always mean leave your job. It means finding the space and time for what excites you and makes your soul feel alive and young.

Pause. We are conditioned to just keep going, keep working, keep moving, and keep churning when in fact, there is so much power, energy, healing and wisdom to be had from taking rests and appreciating the Now.

Love yourself. Nurture your Body. Give it what it needs: proper exercise, healthy food and good habits. Find a way to live with joy in your heart at all times. You owe it to yourself and your spirit.

Be grateful. The world is beautiful, and so are you. You have, inside of you, everything that you need to live a bountiful life. Celebrate it, and move forward.


Comments On Flordelizas Music And Art

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