Healing Harmonics Collection

Healing Secrets Of The Ancients Revealed​
Experience Conscious Relaxation with the Gentle Vibrating Sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls
Hear harmonic healing tones
recorded in natural surroundings

A perfect backdrop for your meditations taking you inside a soothing oceanic flow of sound

Enjoy engaged blissed out listening for moments of peaceful rest

Sets up an ambient environment for deep restorative sleep

Use as a tool to quiet the mind for intense focus and study

Great for manifestation, meditation, deep relaxation, and transcendent states of mind

Imagine you discovered a natural sound so soothing and calming it could take you to places most music never goes.

Tones which take you into deep relaxed states where you are guaranteed a full night of restorative restful sleep

Or how about letting the mind quiet, clarify and then begin to fire on all cylinders giving you laser sharp focus on demand without caffeine jitters

Welcome Conscious Music Seeker

My name is David Lewis and I’m a sound healing music producer and brainwave meditation creator. For a long time I have been fascinated with how sound can deeply affect our consciousness.

Over the past 17 year’s I’ve been using sound therapy in the form of brainwave audios as a tool for personal transformation and positive change in myself and others.

The feedback for my work has been great and often people have used my audio sessions with amazing results.

Discover The Deep Rich Resonant Tones Of The Ancient Healing Bowls

When I first discovered the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls I was in awe at the rich resonant tones they created.

As I learnt more about these enigmatic bowls and their ancient and mysterious legacy, my understanding of how sound affects our mind AND body took on a new level.

The bowls have been used since antiquity throughout Asia (especially in Tibet and Nepal) as an aid to meditation, healing and the path to enlightenment.

They allow the listener to go into deeper meditative states through the subtle, yet complex, harmonic frequencies they create when played.

The sounds of the singing bowls are the perfect music to give you the relaxed states of mind for deep meditation, without the synthetic and artificial sounds far too often used in ‘new age’ meditation music.

Have You Ever Experienced This?

Many times the synthetic sounds used to create meditation music just can’t take you deep enough – You yearn for a more natural sounding music with organic sounds which truly takes you to another place

A lot of ‘new age’ music used for meditation sounds the same to a point of being boring – and if you’re uninspired by the music then you find it difficult to immerse yourself enough to meditate

Many ‘meditation’ recordings use harsh digital sounds without any care or thought in the creation and this distracts from the right ambient environment for relaxation

Often studio based recordings sound sterile and lack the natural ambience for meditation – producers try to fix this by adding in nature sounds such as rain or oceans afterwards, but it never really works with the music. It often just sounds fake!

Hearing Mysterious Bowls On The Beach

While on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, a spiritual haven for sound healers and mystical yogis, one evening I heard a woman called Lifang playing some of these mysterious bowls at a sunset beach gathering.

As the other musicians began to pack and leave I sat and complimented Lifang on her playing. As we got talking I mentioned I would love to record the bowls and capture the beautiful tones they created. Lifang was overjoyed

It turned out she was known for her work as a sound healer and she would give people sessions using her bowls. People loved the sound they would make and would often ask if she had any recordings which had captured the healing sounds of the bowls.

She had been trying to record them with her phone to share with her friends, but the sound was always thin and distorted. She desperately wanted to recreate the rich healing harmonic sound she was used to hearing when she played.

Imagine Meditations Like These…

She hoped for recordings which were

Vibrant and organic sounding and would take you deep into your meditations and trigger a natural healing response as though the healer was present doing a session

Full of life and energy with subtle variations of each bowl captured as it was played to create a conscious relaxation experience for the listener

As natural and close to the original sound as possible so you would be immersed in the listening experience as though a blissful calm has washed over you

Captured the subtle energy of the ambient environment so the tones of the bowls would interweave with the backgrounds and create a unique natural listening experience without the need for extra layers or sounds

Tuned To Each Of The Seven Chakras A ~ 432Hz

Lifang explained the origins of these bowls were unknown but she had carried the bowls herself from Nepal to Thailand. Each bowl was tuned to the scale of A ~ 432Hz and they were harmoniously balanced to each of the 7 chakras.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra deals at the most basic level like the feelings of self-preservation, strength, foundations and security.

When you open the Root Chakra, you have more vitality, security and physical balance. You have a better self-image and self-esteem. You also improve your relationships.

When the Root Chakra is balanced, then you lead a very healthy life which is surrounded with a sense of security and safety with stability and prosperity. You have very good vitality and are down-to-earth and sensible in your approach to life. You are able to relax and are able to trust the world around you.

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra deals with the areas of expression of the emotions and the movements. Its properties can be compared with water as the expressions are fluid like it. Emotions and expressions like family ties, procreation, sexuality etc are associated with it. The main focus of the Sacral Chakra is to establish the gender identity as also to express oneself freely with non-judgmental attitude.

When you open your Sacral Chakra, your overall well being is improved. You no longer feel emotional dependency, jealousy or detachment from others.

Those who open this chakra feel completely safe at the material level. You feel creative expression, emotional fulfillment and physical gratification. You inspire greater love, sex and passion for life.

When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, then you have the ability to nurture yourself as well as those around you. You develop graceful movements and are emotionally intelligent. You have the ability of experiencing pleasure and also the ability to adapt and change. You develop healthy boundaries which help you to develop a healthy outlook.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra deals with energy, transformation, ego, power and the person’s relation with the outside world. Most of the powerful business men have well-balanced and active Solar Plexus Chakra and they predominantly function from this level.

Opening the Solar Plexus chakra gives you self-direction. This is the chakra to accept yourself as a sexual person, and this is very important. 

You also know what you want and what you do not want out of life and the security that you can get what you need. 

Other benefits are happiness, creativity, high self-respect, feeling active, sense of personal power. You have reasons to achieve your goals and high spirit. You feel success, personal strength and acquired power. Your ability to solve problems will hugely increase, once you open this chakra.

When the Navel Chakra is balanced, then there is feeling of internal harmony and tranquility. You accept yourself for who you are and respects the nature and the emotions of the others. There is a feeling of sense of unity with the whole mankind. You feel reliable, responsible, spontaneous and confident. You are able to meet all types of challenges and also have a sense of humor.

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra deals with the relationships, devotion, compassion, love towards self and others and forgiveness.

Opening the Heart Chakra makes you feel confident in your powers and it improves your wellbeing. You will find the world beautiful and you learn to forgive and be tolerant to others.

When the Heart Chakra is balanced, then you are compassionate, emphatic, loving, balanced and have an aura of peacefulness a good strong immune system.

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra deals with the areas of communications and self expressions. It is also the seat of creativeness and most of the artists have a very strong chakra. An inactive or under active chakra causes the person to be shy and have lack of creativity with loss of self expressions.

Opening the Throat Chakra will benefit you to create better relationships. You also learn how to improve your listening and speaking abilities. You also have a clearer personal vision. This chakra helps you take the truth out of most things including thoughts and actions.

When the Throat Chakra is balanced you become a good listener and have a resonant voice. You are able to convey thoughts and feelings very clearly, have good creativity and also have a good sense of rhythm and timing.

Most of the strong orators and singers have a well balanced Throat Chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra creates an awareness of the higher self and governs the intuition. It is mentioned that when you are able to master this chakra, you develop the ability to see the past, the present and the future clearly. You may also develops telepathic powers. Moreover it slows down the aging process and controls the various hormones present in the pineal gland.

The Third Eye Chakra is very important. When you open this chakra, you get general spiritual and intellectual awakening. You also gain more self-assurance and confidence.

In a balanced Third Eye Chakra you develop intuitive, imaginative and perceptive powers. You also have good memory and are able to visualize and think symbolically. You are able to remember dreams and also have the ability to become clairvoyant.

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra deals with awareness, issues related to the grace and karma, spiritual awakening, meaning of spirituality and divinity.

Opening the Crown Chakra makes you feel open and calm. There is no more mental babble. You also feel free from any kind of fear and feel a deep connection with the Infinite Power.

When the Crown Chakra is balanced, you develop a broad understanding, become intelligent, thoughtful and open minded. You develop a sense of spiritual connection and become aware of things which are normally not perceived by others. You also develop wisdom and mastery over self desire. You are able to perceive, analyze and then assimilate information in a way others are unable to do so.

Even The Demos Were Powerful

We did some some quick test recordings which I uploaded to the internet for Lifang to listen back to. Before I knew it she had excitedly shared the rough demos with her friends. Even though they were far from finished this didn’t stop the words of appreciation and gratitude come pouring in. People even began to excitedly share them with their friends as well.

So began a 3 week journey around the island paradise where we recorded the bowls in many different locations, absorbing the subtle energies and natural ambience of each spot so we could create a unique immersive listening experience.

The Healing Harmonics Collection

Healing Tones of Himalayan Singing Bowls with the unique energies of each location subtly captured for your relaxation, enjoyment and deep healing meditations.

Ocean Meditation

The calming sound of the ocean can be like a natural sedative and is one of the most relaxing sounds you can enjoy. With the added tones of the healing bowls a deep relaxing meditative experience is had by simply putting on in the background and letting yourself drift into the sounds.

Fireside Meditation

This meditation was recorded among the coconut trees by the fire late at night. Just as the flames begin to die down, you can hear the soft crackle as the fire’s energy begins to tame. The bowls gently immerse you in a rich harmonic swirl as crickets serenade one another.

Mountain Meditation

This is a series of 7 meditations recorded on a mountain side high above the Island of Koh Phangan. The deep hypnotic sounds of the jungle insects bring you into the perfect environment for focused meditation. Lose yourself in meditative bliss as the harmonic sounds of the bowls take over.

Rain Fall Meditation

One of the rare occasions it rained we were lucky enough to be about to begin a recording session. We quickly rearranged ourselves by the door and as the rain began to fall outside. Lifang began a calming bowl meditation in time with the rain fall.

Sound Temple Meditation

This is a special healing meditation. Recorded in an acoustic sound dome in a hidden hillside jungle location overlooking the ocean. A chorus of cicadas can be heard harmonizing with the bowls as the intensity of the sound healing session increases. This is a powerful recording to be used for deep healing and meditative experiences.

What Makes Healing Harmonics Unique?

There are many Singing Bowl Recordings out there all with very different atmospheres.

Many are simply recorded in studios without the attention paid to the surroundings or intention of creating an ambience.Some are even created artificially using samples and synthesizers.

The unique locations, attention to detail and pure intention is what makes Healing Harmonics unique.

We’ve managed to capture both the energy of the healing meditations and the atmosphere of each location. Also Lifang has a certain energy with her playing which will take you on a real journey.

If you were to buy 5 singing bowl albums on Amazon, at $19.99 each they would probably cost you around $99.95 in total. And then they may not all be created with as much care and attention to detail as these.

As this is a new production we’d like to get some direct feedback from people who appreciate natural meditation recordings. I’d like to make you a special offer for a limited time.

(Also there are a few bonuses added just to sweeten the deal. They probably won’t be included later either)

As its special offer the cost is going to be a lot less than it should be.

In fact it would cost a lot more for Lifang to give you a session, here you get 5 which you can use any time you like.

PLUS: Look At What Else You’re Getting!
The Eye Of Revelation – Healing Secrets of Tibet’s Hidden Fountain Of Youth

“How To Reverse The Signs of Ageing In Just 10 Minutes A Day”

This forgotten manuscript dates from the 1940’s and tells the tale of Colonel Bradford who travelled to Tibet to discover the fountain of youth.

The story explains how he discovered 5 ancient exercises which were used by the Tibetan monks to extend their lives.

The five exercises are known as the Five Rites of Tibet. They are simple to perform, yet may hold the key to you living longer, looking younger and literally reversing the ageing process in just 10 minutes a day.

This ebook is selling at $29.99 in our main web store, here you get it included with your access to Healing Harmonics.

I’ve even sourced the most positive yoga instructor I could find to create the rights vibes for the video to help you to perform the rites yourself with a value of $39.99 for the entire video course.

EXCLUSIVE: You also get these powerful
Sonic Harmonics brainwave activating meditation recordings

7.83Hz Harmony Frequency

This brainwave meditation audio is based on the Schumann Resonance which is the natural frequency the planet earth vibrates at.

The frequency of the Schumann Resonance is 7.83Hz and is at the point between the alpha and theta brainwave frequencies. This is a powerful meditation sweet spot for creating balance and harmony with yourself and the planet.

Value: $24.95

Sri Yantra 11:11 Alpha Brainwave

This alpha brainwave meditation audio is created using Sri Yantra based frequencies for powerful meditations. It is 11m11s in length, 11:11 being a mysterious and powerful number in itself.

In combination with the alpha brainwave this Sri Yantra energised audio is sure to bring manifesting power to your meditations.

Value: $24.95

Primordial Om

There is a sound which has existed since before time itself, present in in all things, it permeates the universe on multiple layers. When you atune to it’s mighty vibration you become one with the cosmos itself. It is the sound of the Aum… or the mighty “OMMM”.

This recording of the sacred Aum being chanted was made in a special sound healing dome hidden in the jungles of Koh Phangan and can be used for a deep meditative experience.

Full Duration: 1h02m
Value: $24.95

Tibetan SOMA Healing Meditation

Created by founder of SOMA Breath, Niraj Naik, this Tibetan Soma Healing Meditation will take you on a journey beyond your senses.

Included is an exclusive introductory video to SOMA Breath Meditation which you can use to fully benefit from the sound healing session.

Once you begin to explore the power of SOMA Breath you can use this to supercharge your mind, body & spirit and call In your true life’s purpose.

Full Duration: 28m
Value: $19.95

You Won’t Pay Full Price

As mentioned earlier this is a new product and we wish to gain some more feedback so we’re reducing the price.You get all five Healing Harmonics meditations. The total value of this package is at least $99.95


You also get access to the bonus copy of the Five Tibetan Rites with included video instructions. The total value for both these is $45.98

Plus the relaxation audios, which includes Dreams Drifting With Time and the Spring Forest recording. The total value of these 4 bonuses is $94.80

To experience the true energy of the healing sessions we have captured you would have to travel to Thailand and spend at least a month working with energy healers on the magical Island of Koh Phangan. This could cost as much as $5000.

In Europe Lifang charges between $75 to $100 for her healing sessions. I’m sure to have this kind of session in your town you would probably pay a similar amount.

You may need a few sessions before you felt any changes and costs would soon mount up.

Eventually these recordings will be released on iTunes and Amazon and will be at full price. The bonuses will also become a product for sale on their own.

The value you get from a small contribution today will come back to you multiple times with the energy transfer that takes place.

Right now you get instant access to a ‘pre-release’ version of the Healing Harmonics.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to take advantage of a special offer instead of waiting to pay more then this offer is for you.

You certainly won’t be paying $5000 to travel to Thailand to experience the ambience for yourself. Nor will you pay the $500+ for a series of specialist energy healing sessions.

You won’t even pay the $264.73 price the full package of recordings, ebook, videos and brainwave activating audio bonuses would cost you.

Right now it’s just $99 $47

All we ask for in return is some feedback so we can make the next series of recordings we do even better and deliver more fantastic healing meditations to you in the future.

Try Healing Harmonics For 60 Days Risk Free

Finally you can experience the harmonic sounds of Tibetan Healing Bowls and benefit from these magical healing meditations.

Use them to release energy blockages, increase your abundance, feeling of happiness and connection with yourself and othersIf after using the Healing Harmonics sessions you are still not experiencing the healing meditations you desire you can ask for a full refund.

Even if you don’t like the natural relaxing ambience of the ocean waves or forest sounds simply let us know and you can have every penny back AND still keep the recordings.

Our intent is for you to enjoy spend your time listening to them as much as we did in creating them, so you have an entire 60 days to try Healing Harmonics for yourself. Order today – see and feel the results for yourself – guaranteed.

Why Wait?

Why spend the next 60 days listening to mediocre meditation recordings when you can try the Healing Harmonics for yourself without risk?

The longer you wait the more likely it is this offer will have passed and the others who took advantage will be experiencing the benefits of the deep blissed out healing meditations. Don’t let this happen to you. Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You can only access Healing Harmonics here. No one else has these recordings with this kind of attention to detail. You can be among the first to experience them for yourself.

More Sound Healing Experiences
Here’s what you get when you order Healing Harmonics today

You will be among the first to experience the blissed out harmonic resonance of these healing recordings. You can use them for deep meditations to manifest abundance and create change in your life.

Finally release energy blockages with the transcendent meditation sessions they will create. Many report a surge of positive emotions and massive life changes after listening to the healing tones of these singing bowls.

Fireside Meditation

Value $19.99

Mountain Meditation

Value $19.99

Sound Temple Meditation

Value $19.99

Ocean Meditation

Value $19.99

Rainfall Meditation

Value $19.99

60 Day Risk Free Trial

Plus The Exclusive Bonuses

Healing Secrets of Tibet’s Hidden Fountain Of Youth

Value $29.99

Video instruction of the 5 Rites

Value $39.99

7.83Hz Harmony Frequency

Value $24.99

Sri Yantra 11:11 Alpha Brainwave

Value $24.99

Primordial Om

Value $24.99

Tibetan SOMA Meditation

Value $19.99

Healing Harmonics 5 Album Collection Value $99.95
+ Secret Tibetan Rites Bonus Package Value $69.98
+ Sonic Harmonics Brainwave Activation Audios Value $94.80
= Total Package Value $264.73

Experience Healing Harmonics Now

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