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Pure Tone Crystal Singing Bowls Recorded in Harmonic Alignment For Your Meditative Bliss

Instantly transport yourself into a state of crystal pure harmonic bliss

Enjoy engaged blissed out listening for moments of peaceful rest or use as a tool to quiet the mind for intense focus and study

Perfect for yoga, massage or just relaxing into deep restful sleep

Use for manifestation, meditation, deep relaxation, and transcendent states of mind

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Chakra Rebalance - 15 Minute Full Reset
Soothing Symphony - Harmonic Crystal Bowl Meditation

Dave Bowls

David Dunn - Awakened Sounds Producer

Fellow Conscious Explorer

The serene, zen-like quality of singing bowls has always captured my imagination, and I find them incredibly refreshing and warm.

I’ve been captivated by the soft gentle healing energy which emanates from them ever since I first explored sound healing music some years ago.

With your permission I'd like to share with you some recent recordings which are more powerful, beautiful and healing than anything I have recorded before...


David Dunn - World Music Explorer and Producer @ Awakened Sounds

Searching And Searching For The Sounds

You see I could rarely find a recording which truly satisfied my desire for a full mind-body sound healing immersion.

There seemed nothing out there with just the pure healing tones of either crystal bowl bowls as a soothing backdrop for deep meditative experiences.

Many recordings always seemed to have distracting guided meditations - someone talking over the top of the sounds totally spoils the experience of immersing yourself in the harmonic blissed out tones.

Often times singing bowl meditations will include cheesy new age 'chants’ which are nothing more than annoying humming which seems to go on forever and ever - interrupting the flow of meditation and totally distracting from the experience.

Sometimes you will find a recording of just singing bowls, only to find it was the same sound repeated over and over on loop for an hour. Instead of mesmerising you with the tones you yearn to hear they drive you to boredom.

Eventually I realised I would have to record the sounds I longed to hear and hoped that one day I would be lucky enough to meet a sound healer who could help with this vision.

Luckily on my travels I have been introduced to many wonderful sound healers

A Chance Discovery In Australia

Recently while staying in Bondi, Australia I discovered 2 incredible sound healers who have trained with revered Tibetan bowl masters in India and the USA.

Between them they had a huge collection of antique Himalayan Bowls and perfectly tuned Crystal Chakra Bowls with beautiful harmonic resonances.

After joining a few of their sound healing sessions we arranged to record.

As it turned out there happened to be a soundproofed music room by the ocean on Bondi Beach itself!

It seemed the universe was aligning perfectly for these recordings to take place.

Transport You Into A State of Bliss

The pure tones of these singing bowl recordings turned out to be truly powerful, beautiful and healing.

They have no melodies or words which will distract.

Instead you simply get lost in the sounds and float away.

Listen whenever you have a desire to instantly transport yourself into a state of bliss.

You will experience a soft, gentle healing energy which radiates to your core.

The resonance of the sounds are beautiful and deep.

They are perfect for yoga, massage or just relaxing into deep restful sleep.

Absorb the ethereal sounds as they take you to a place without time or space.

Soothing on the soul, often revealing their full potency at night time as you prepare for sleep.

The tones enable you to release the stresses from life and sink into your own inner chamber.

Beautiful soothing sounds are suitable for meditative release through EFT and tapping and allow you to go deeper into the experience.

Creates vibratory music with a magical experience.

Soothing sounds of the crystal bowls are ideal for listening when practicing yoga and freeing your mind from distractions.

Crystal Harmony Collection

A Healing Transmission With Purity Of Intent

When listening you will experience a healing transmission with a purity of intent and essence. These sounds will help you move stuck energy and shift your consciousness.

Perfect to use for meditations which bring you into alignment with your true soul purpose. They are seamlessly soothing and allow you to zone in on the sounds while you tune out from everything else.

Use whenever you have a desire to instantly transport yourself into a state of sonic bliss. Try with headphones, you will go even deeper!

Pure Tone Crystal Bowl Meditations

7 Pure Tone Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditations

Tuned to each of the 7 chakras these pure tone 7 minute crystal bowl meditations are played with a clear cleansing energy.

Use them individually for focused realignment of your chakras or use the full 15 or 51 minute sequences for a complete full body harmonic chakra reset.

7 Individual Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditations - You can use any of these individual seven minute sessions whenever you wish to focus on a specific Chakra. 

Each singing bowl is tuned to a specific Chakra note of either C,D,E,F,G,A,B at concert pitch.


15 and 51 Minute Crystal Chakra Rebalancing Meditation - Each crystal bowl is played independently for each Chakra in 2 minute and 7 minute progressions.

You can use either the 15 minute version for a quick meditation or the full 51 minute version for a complete rebalancing experience.


Soothing Symphony 2

Soothing Symphony - Harmonic Crystal Bowl Meditation

This beautiful harmonic soundscape is a Soothing Symphony of pure crystalline sound.

Recorded with all 7 crystal bowls in a seamless flow based meditation it will take you to new heights of meditative bliss.

11, 22 and 44 Minute Harmonic Soundscape Meditations - deep rejuvenating textures of the Crystal singing bowls are played with pure healing energy.

Sounds of the Universe

Sounds Of The Universe

Two 11 Minute Ethereal Metal Element sound healing meditations.

The pure tone hand crafted Nepalese metal resonance bowls played in these recordings are perfectly tuned and aligned with the vibrational frequencies of the universe.

11 Minute Percussive Motion Meditation - the soft subtle striking of the Nepalese tones will mesmerise you into a deep trance like state

11 and 22 Minute Pure Tone Resonance Meditations - the bowls are skilfully played to create a sonic soundscape which will take you on a calming journey deep within your mind

Galactic Gong Immersion

Galactic Gong Immersion Meditations

Deeply cleansing dual gong soundscapes wash away all remnants of negative emotions and experiences.

Use to fully immerse yourself in a deeply nourishing and healing sound bath meditative journey.

These incredible gong immersion meditations can be used for both sound healing and even focused work sessions.

The gongs pulsing beat takes you into a driven focused state of creativity, while the washing noise of the gongs drown out all distractions and background noises.

7, 15 and 22 Minute Galactic Gong Immersion Meditations - you can use these incredibly powerful gong bath recordings for deep immersive meditations or focused work sessions.

Binaural Bowls

Natural Binaural Beat Crystal Bowl Meditations

Recorded using 2 Crystal Bowls of the same chakra frequency.

The slight difference in tuning between the 2 crystal bowls creates a natural binaural beat effect when the listener is placed between them both.

This powerful effect was captured for both the Root Chakra and the Throat Chakra.

You can use these binaural sound healing meditations for a deep and powerful mind body harmonising effect.

Use for a deeply focused meditation session with headphones or use without headphones, placing yourself between 2 speakers for a full mind-body sound immersion.

7, 11 and 22 Minute Binaural Bowl Meditations - you get a total of 6 recordings, 3 of each for both the Root and Throat chakras. Use these whenever you wish to feel a deep meditation focused on either of these chakras.

Meet The Sound Healers

Based in the oceanside community of Bondi, Australia, Sound Healers Elina Winnel and Viktoria Kirr hold regular sound healing workshops and events.


Elina Winnel

Elina Winnel

Elina is known as ’The Sleep Expert’ and is a globally renowned sleep therapist.

She cured herself of chronic insomnia using natural methods after becoming overwhelmed from the stress of working in corporate finance.

After studying in a number of modalities including Meta Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Brainwave Entrainment, Brain Mapping, and various Human Development Frameworks, her research into curing herself led her to a path of sound healing with the use of Tibetan bowls as a way to calm the mind.

She has trained with revered Tibetan Singing Bowl masters in both India and the USA.

Viktoria Kirr

Viktoria has been practicing yoga and studying it’s philosophy for 20 years and received Yoga Alliance’s Yoga Teacher Training certification in 2011.

She has been playing singing bowls since 2007, when she was introduced to these beautiful healing instruments in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in India.

She implemented metal and crystal bowls in her yoga classes to deepen meditation.

Viktoria loves the power of the crystal bowls and raises her clients’ vibrations by focusing the sessions on pranayama breathing techniques and chakra clearing.

Viktoria Kirr

A Uniquely Immersive Harmonising Experience

There are many singing bowl recordings available, yet none have captured the pure tone resonances and special energy of the Crystal And Nepalsese singing bowls

They hold a potent energy which will transmit to your meditations whenever you listen and focus your intent.

We are planning to release these on Amazon and iTunes in the near future. If you we’re to buy each of these albums separate they will be at least $19.95 each.

As this is a new collection of recordings (and not yet available anywhere else) we are making you a special offer.

(And it’s going to be a lot less than you think.)

Plus we’re also including these incredible bonuses which will surely give you even more powerful tools for transformation.

PLUS: Exclusive Bonuses

Yogi Publication Society

Yogi Science of Breath

The Yogi Science of Breath is a complete guide to Pranayama, the ancient Indian science of breathing.

Breath is an important part of life itself, yet so many of us neglect our breathing, taking for granted the healing power of breath or the transformation breathing techniques can bring.

This guide, compliled from the teachings of Yogi Ramacharaka in 1903, is a complete manual of the Oriental breathing philosophy for physical, mental, psychic and spiritual development.

This little book is the perfect accompaniment to the Galactic Harmony collection and is sure to further balance your life through the transformative power of breath.

Mysterious Kundalini

The Mysterious Kundalini

"The Kundalini is sleeping above the Kanda dispensing liberation to Yogis and bondage to fools. He who knows her knows Yoga."

The Mysterious Kundalini is an early serious contribution made by Western medical science towards an understanding of an important branch of Eastern learning.

Written by Dr. Vasant G. Rele in 1926 it has become one of the foremost texts in understanding and demystifying the Kundalini force in regards to the physical body.

A must read for anyone who wishes to understand the physical origins of the Chakras, Nadis and the Kundalini energy.

Spirit of the Rainforest

Spirit of the Rainforest

This hour long sound healing journey features shamanic flutes from Peru and Ecuador, set against a backdrop of deeply healing rainfall.

Recorded with Peruvian sound healer and medicine man Ricardo Cherokee, this album will be sure to wash away all negativity and leave you feeling refreshed and positively charged.

Dreams Drifting With Time

Dreams Drifting With Time

Gentle rain falls outside as you melt into your favourite chair. The soft piano slowly weaves its harmonies in and out as the peaceful background music takes you on a dream filled journey. This beautiful 30 minute relaxation audio is just waiting to take you away.

Huge Savings Available

As mentioned earlier these are new recordings and we wish to gain some feedback so we're reducing the price.

You get the entire collection of Crystal Harmony Collection Meditation albums. The total value of this package is at least $99.75


You also get access to the bonuses which includes the Yogi Science of Breath and The Mysterious Kundalini which have a value of $11.95 each.

Plus the Spirit of the Rainforest healing flute sound journey album with a value of $19.95

And Dreams Drifting With Time a harmonising meditative Theta brainwave album with a value of $14.95

This is a total value of $158.55

You won't pay this!

To experience the true energy and tones of the recordings we have captured you would have to travel to India and Nepal and spend years working with revered singing bowl masters.

A collection of antique singing bowls like Elina owns would cost over $5000, plus the years of study and travel it would take to master them.

Healing sessions with singing bowls start around $100 an hour for one to one and you may need a few sessions before you felt any changes. The costs could soon go beyond $500.

Eventually these recordings will be released on iTunes and Amazon and will be at the full price of $99.75 for the collection. The bonuses will also become a product for sale on their own.

The value you get from a small exchange today will come back to you multiple times with the transfer of energy that takes place.

Get Instant Pre Release Access

Right now you get instant access to the ‘pre-release’ version of the Crystal Harmony Collecton, which includes all the bonuses.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to take advantage of a special offer instead of waiting to pay more then this offer is for you.

You certainly won’t be paying $5000 to amass a collection of antique singing bowls so you can experience the sounds for yourself. Nor will you pay the $500+ for a series of specialist sound healing sessions.

You won’t even pay the $158.55 price the full package of singing bowl recordings, ebooks, and other meditation music bonuses would cost you.

Right now you get everything for just $[fastmemcurprice product="33"].

All we ask for in return is some feedback so we can make the next series of recordings we do even better and deliver more fantastic healing meditations to you in the future.

Listen To The Crystal Harmony Collection For 60 Days Risk Free

Finally you can experience the true pure tone harmonic healing sounds of Nepalese and Crystal singing bowls and benefit from these magical potent meditations.

Use them to release energy blockages, increase your abundance, feeling of happiness and connection with yourself and others.

If after listening to the Crystal Harmony Collection you are still not experiencing the sound healing meditations you desire you can ask for a full refund.

Even if you don’t fully enjoy the natural relaxing pure tones of the crystal bowls then simply let us know and you can have every penny back AND still keep the recordings.

Our intent is for you to enjoy spending your time listening to them as much as we did in creating them, so you have an entire 60 days to try Crystal Harmony Collection for yourself.

Order today - hear and feel the results for yourself - guaranteed.

Why Wait?

Why spend the next 60 days listening to mediocre meditation recordings when you can try the Crystal Harmony Collection for yourself without risk?

The longer you wait the more likely it is this offer will have passed and the others who took advantage will be experiencing the benefits of these deep blissed out sound healing meditations.

Don’t let this happen to you. Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You can only access the Crystal Harmony Collection here. No one else has this kind of recording with such pristine tones and pure intention. You can be among the first to experience them for yourself.

Sound Healing Client Experiences

I didn't know what to expect from the session. I experienced an intensely deep sense of relaxation and peace.

All of my stress and tension just evaporated. I will definitely be back for more.

Laura, San Diego USA

I typically have a lot of difficulty sleeping. After my session, I had the best night's sleep I have had in a long time. Thank you so much!

Lee, Sydney Australia

I have a lot of trouble switching off my mind. As the bowls were played around my head, I couldn't help but relax. It was enchanting.

Andrew, New York, USA

During the session all of my worries just disappeared. I felt like I was floating. By the end of the session I felt an incredible sense of calmness and clarity.

Everything shifted into perspective. What's more I felt serenely blissful. You have to try it to experience it!

Tony, Sydney, Australia

Here’s what you get when you order
Crystal Harmony Collection today

You will be among the first to experience the blissed out harmonic resonance of these transformative healing recordings. You can use them for deep meditations to manifest abundance and create change in your life. You can release energy blockages with the transcendent meditation sessions they will create. Many report a surge of positive emotions and massive life changes after listening to the healing tones of these singing bowls.

Pure Tone Crystal Bowl Meditations

7 Pure Tone Crystal Bowl Meditations

Value $19.95


Soothing Symphony 2

Harmonic Crystal Bowl Meditation

Value $19.95


Sounds of the Universe

Sounds Of The Universe

Value $19.95

Galactic Gong Immersion

Galactic Gong Immersion Meditations

Value $19.95

Binaural Bowls

Natural Binaural Beat Crystal Bowl Meditations

Value $19.95

Plus The Bonuses

Yogi Publication Society

Yogi Science of Breath

Value $11.95

Mysterious Kundalini

The Mysterious Kundalini

Value $11.95

Spirit of the Rainforest

Spirit of The Rainforest

Value $19.95

Dreams Drifting With Time

Dreams Drifting With Time

Value $14.95

Total Collection Value - $158.55


Order Crystal Harmony Collection

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60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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Thank you for taking the time to discover more about this incredible healing gift. If you know of anyone who may benefit, please share this page and I look forward to sharing more recordings with you.





David Dunn ~ Producer @ Awakened Sounds

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